Why convert DVD to Zune HD 64G?

How to convert and rip DVD to Zune HD 64G?

Zune HD 64 GB Video MP3 Player Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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    The has seen modest price drops the last few weeks with the Zune HD 32 at the ever important $199 price point. With a lite dose of speculation, it now all makes sense seeing as there is clearly a Zune HD 64 launching in the near future.

  • Furthermore, I removed all APE tags (never heard of those before) and further removed a few leftover lyric3 tags that I found. All told, my entire collection only has the v2.3 and v1 ID3 tags. After thinking that I've completely mitigated the issue, I wiped my Zune HD 64 clean (again) and reloaded my entire library.

    Finally, while I don't normally use playlists, I ran across some old cassette mixtapes that I created playlists from, and the Zune HD 64 GB device that holds these playlists almost consistently plays a second or two of the last (?) part of a song before starting the song from the beginning. This only occurs when the tracks are transitioning from the end of the currently playing track to the next track, and I haven't found a correlation between having shuffle mode on or off as to it making any difference (I'm guessing not).

    Package Contents
    • Zune HD 64GB Hard Drive Portable Media Player
    • Headphones
    • Zune Sync Cable
    • 3 x Earpiece Foam Covers
    Platform Supported PC

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    Well, I just purchased an additional Zune HD 64 GB unit and I'm having the exact same troubles. One common "thing" between the units are the .mp3 and .wma songs (not DRM--ripped from CD only), but it is truly a random occurrence. Because of this, it is hard for me to think that I'm having any real issues with the .mp3 files themselves.

How to convert and rip DVD to Zune HD 64G?

Zune HD 64G Quick Play: gives instant access to media with shortcuts to favorites or played videos, music and more. The more Zune convenience designed the more favorable play and watch DVD movie on it.