Undock: Undocks Workshelf and makes it free-floating.

A) Open the Global Preferences tab and enable 'Run WorkShelf on Startup'.

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  • Docks can collapse in one of two different ways: they can 'shrink' so that only the control tile is visible, or, when docked to a screen edge, they can hide 'behind' the screen edge, just like WorkShelf does. A dock that hides this way can be shown again by 'bumping' the associated screen edge with the mousepointer.

    These bitmaps only need to be used if you wish to provide a 'corrected' version for when WorkShelf is upside down, otherwise WorkShelf will automatically flip the normal bitmaps to display the inverted version.

  • Docks can be temporarily disabled if necessary, which prevents the dock from being displayed on the screen while at the same time preserving its contents. Disabled docks can be later re-enabled via the tab of WorkShelf Preferences.

    Docks can be named for identification purposes, since WorkShelf supports multi-docks. The name of a dock is displayed when you mouse over the control tile.

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  • A) WorkShelf will run in all Windows versions, but some of the more advanced features, like per pixel alpha transparency, will not be available unless you are using Windows 2000 and above. Note that WorkShelf gives theme authors a fall back mechanism that will make themes using per pixel alpha transparency display properly on Win9x/NT4 systems (without the per pixel alpha effects), but theme authors must explicitly take advantage of it.

PreK Homeschool Work Shelf Trays : The Letter P

Shelf Editor: Opens the 'Workshelf Editor' dialog as above. You can also jump straight to this item (avoiding the context menu) with a shift-right click on the left mini-tab.