Wood bicycle fenders- super cool. Compound curve- Red Devil

Woodys Custom Wood Bicycle Fenders

Ass Savers - SmartAss Bicycle Rain Fender (Black)

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  • Tom Anderson is the master craftsman of custom wood screen doors and exterior wood doors at Creative Openings in Bellingham, Washington. He also creates custom wood bicycle fenders. Learn more about him his work at:

    Compound Curve- "60's acid trip" wooden bicycle fenders. These have a curving section of Purpleheart wood down the middle, Zebra wood, and Yellowheart wood. Beautiful!!!

  • Whether you ride a svelte road bike, a tricked-out recumbent, cyclocross, cruiser, touring, or commuter, even if your “bike” is a trike, Sykes Wooden Bicycle Fenders are made to fit your baby.

    Beautiful Wood Bicycle Fender / Mudguard Beautiful Wood Bicycle Fender / Mudguard

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