Substitute Windows 8.1 or 8.1 Pro with Windows 7 Professional

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional With Service Pack 1 64-bit – License and Media – 1 PC

Windows 7 Professional SP1 64bit (OEM) System Builder DVD 1 Pack (For Refurbished PC Installation)

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  • Kevin is currently planning the purchase of new PCs at an office in Pennsylvania, and he has worked with corporate purchasing to negotiate a deal with an OEM to have the new systems pre-installed with Windows 7 Professional Edition. However, Kevin knows that the OEM they are purchasing from uses a Windows 7 Professional Edition installation that includes several components that he needs to remove before deployment. For example, there are several customized Control Panel tools and a non-Microsoft media player installed in the typical image provided by the OEM.

    For each of the following scenarios, we explore not only the respective licensing policy, but also the implications on reimaging rights and the impact on Windows 7 Professional Edition activation. The four scenarios are:

  • After the OEM creates a master image of the CFI, the OEM can reimage all of the PCs it will ship to the Pennsylvania site. The OEM should also activate the copies of Windows 7 Professional Edition on every PC before shipping them.

    If customers want to deploy Windows 7 Professional Edition onto computers that are running Windows XP by using a common image, they should be aware that that is considered an upgrade. Therefore, customers need to purchase upgrade licenses for every PC that previously had an Windows XP Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

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  • Windows 7 Home Premium versus Windows 7 Professional comparison chart
    Windows 7 Home PremiumWindows 7 Professional
    Location-aware printing No Yes
    Price $119.99 for upgrade, $199.99 for a new installation $199.99 for upgrade, $299.99 for a new installation
    Domain Join wizard Not included Included
    Windows XP Mode Not supported Supported
    Remote Desktop Connection Cannot use Remote Desktop Connection feature to connect to a PC that runs Windows 7 Home Premium. Remote Desktop Connection works when trying to connect to a PC that runs Windows 7 Professional.
    Backup and restore Backups to a different drive or DVD only Backup to a different drive, DVD or over the network

    The primary benefit to Trey Research is that the Pennsylvania site will receive PCs from the OEM, which are already customized to its specifications. Also, with the CFI that Trey Research receives, the recovery media that the OEM provides will already include the required customizations. The IT manager on site will never have to start from the very beginning when rebuilding a system. In addition, Kevin won’t have to worry about activation issues, because this OEM will activate Windows 7 Professional Edition on each PC before shipment, and this activation is maintained if it becomes necessary to rebuild a PC based on the CFI recovery media.

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Before Ryan receives any of the PCs, the OEM installs the clean image and activates Windows 7 Professional Edition on each PC. As a result, Ryan does not have to perform any activation tasks in his deployment plan.