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Wilson Electronics - 460101 DT 4G - Cell Phone Signal Booster for Small Home or Office

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  • Verizon's 2G and 3G networks all operate on the dual-band frequencies. Any dual-band antenna amplifier will work. Verizon's 4G LTE network operates on the 700 MHZ frequency on Band 13. Do you need Verizon LTE data support? If yes, look for any 4G booster which is the LTE specific Wilson cellular signal booster.

    I’ve been impressed by how well the Wilson Cellular Signal Booster does what it promises but there are a few caveats in using it. It doesn’t amplify your cell phone signal so much as it enables you to take advantage of a better signal if it’s available outside your house. If you don’t have a better signal outside the booster won’t help. This is also a case where following the installation instructions is essential.

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