Gefen EXT-WHDMI Specifications:

BenQ W1500 WHDMI Projector

Nyrius ARIES Prime Wireless Video HDMI Transmitter & Receiver for Streaming HD 1080p 3D Video & Digital Audio from Laptop, PC, Cable, Netflix, YouTube, PS4, Xbox One to HDTV/Projector (NPCS549)

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  • Wireless HDTV projection is here, and we saw our first demo at the Sanyo booth. Using a transmitter and receiver , the $3000 WHDMI module slides into the industrial-strength projector ($10K) they were using, giving uncompressed wireless performance with no lag time. The Sanyo official told us the system is capable transmitting 1080p video over 60 to 90 feet, probably true if it's indeed able to transmit and receive at 1.5Gbit/sec. as quoted. But the label on the exhibit said we were watching 720p video, so that gave us pause.

    Including a transmitter and a receiver, the Provision GIP-WHDMI-1001 Wireless HD Video Streamer allows you to wireless stream HD video content to an HDTV, up to 60 meter away from the HD source. It operates over 5GHz Wi-Fi for larger bandwidth and less interference compared with 2.4GHz band used by many wireless routers and mouse/keyboard. A piece of exclusive software monitors the channel bandwidth and dynamically adjusts transmission bit rate to suit operating conditions for optimized result. With a built-in infrared extender, you can control the source equipment such as set top box and DVR right in front of your TV. Plus, the attractive units seamlessly fit any room fashion, and comes factory configured and paired, ready for a quick and easy installation.

  • Hi-def resolutions of 1080p at 30 fps and 1080i at 60 fps are easily achieved with this wireless extender, while also wirelessly delivering 5.1 digital audio. Its finally time to store all of your DVD players, set-top boxes, satellite receivers, Blu-Ray players, and other HDMI signal sources in a discreet closet and enjoy a clutter-free and install-free A/V wireless routing system with the GTV-WHDMI by Gefen.

    Another crucial difference between Bravia Wireless Link and Gefen’s EXT-WHDMI is that Sony claims up to a 1080i video resolution. Gefen states its HDMI wireless device can do up to 1080P/24. In this respect they’re probably dead even. Currently only a minority of sources and displays can even do 1080P/24.

  • The professional-grade Gefen EXT-WHDMI may not quite match the quality of an actual HDMI cable, but its solid transmissions make it a viable candidate when wireless HDMI is the best option.

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LED means that the connection has been established and the audio / video is about to be passed over from Sender to Receiver. A steady LED means that the whole set of GTV-WHDMI units are on proper operation and there is picture showing on the display connected to the Receiver unit.