Waterproof Underpad Bed Protector:

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Priva High Quality Ultra Waterproof Sheet Protector 30" x 34", Ideal For Children And Adult Incontinence Protection, Innovative 4 Layer Design, 6 Cups Absorbency, 300 Machine Washes, Dryer Safe, Bleachable

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  • A waterproof bed protector by Mattress Safe® provides a protective barrier to reduce mattress damage. The laminated fabric of our Sofcover® waterproof mattress covers, protectors and encasements provides waterproof and stain resistant protection for your bed. Parents, homeowners, camps and rental properties can all benefit by protecting expensive bedding while providing a clean dry sleeping environment.

    This Waterproof Bed Protector is made of hypo-allergenic polyester flannel layers that lock in liquids, keeping you dry and comfortable all night long. The bed mattress protector provides total mattress protection from leaks and heater malfunction. Low-profile and wrinkle-resistant, this Waterproof Mattress Pad keeps you protected all night from possible leaks and allows you to sleep with peace of mind. Give yourself a comfortable night sleep with the soft flannel of this bed mattress protector.

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