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  • TAG : Phony Verizon Wireless emails follow AT&T wireless emails attack
  • For login into Verizon central email service, open the page enter your Verizon user Id and password if you are already registered, then click the 'Sign In' button.

    The Verizon emails also lead to sites hosting malware – although there are far fewer links in the email – and the same compromised site is used repeatedly in each email (in the AT&T attack, up to 9 different sites were used). The same gang appears to be behind both attacks since the link structure is identical:

  • Sounded weird since to our knowledge there was no outstanding balance and the language seemed iffy. However, since the email looked like it came from Verizon Wireless we thought we would check. We called them and they said they had not sent us an email, so it is a phishing Verizon email scam. Here is a screenshot I took of the email;

    This phishing scam is notable for its painstaking replication of Verizon emails. Only the large bill amounts (many are upwards of $500) and links to third party websites are tip offs to the real nature of these emails.

  • My Verizon Email is Not Working, what can I do? Here are some of the common issues and their solutions: Common Issues Step-by-Step Solution Automatic Solution I can’t send or receive email I can’t sign in or access email I can view email software but not on the Web To provide the correct solution, select your email product below: Web-based ...

Your Past Due" Verizon Email Scam - Adam Yamada Hanff

Return to the home screen and open the "Settings" menu again. Tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" and tap the description you entered for your Verizon email account.