So how hard could it be to find a VCR or two?

And in fact, he probably uses his VCR now more than he ever has at any time in his life.

Funai Corp. DV220FX5 Dual Deck DVD and VHS Player

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  • One popular feature found on DVD/VCR combos is two-way dubbing. With this feature, you can convert VHS content to DVDs and vice versa. Some combo units are full DVD recorders that let you watch DVDs and record TV shows using the device. Many products are four-head hi-fi VCR players, but if you plan to do a lot of recording with your VHS tapes, look for a six-head VCR as this uses four heads for the best playback quality and two heads for recording.

    Many DVD/VCR combos have the ability to burn VHS content to rewriteable DVDs. This is an invaluable tool for digitally archiving your old home movies, favorite films or anything else trapped on VHS tape. This ensures that your memories and films will survive well into the 21st century.

  • When it comes to buying a DVD/VCR combo, you want to make sure you're getting the most versatility and quality for your money, especially because you are buying two devices in one. As these media formats age, fewer companies are manufacturing the players. The devices that are available are becoming light on advanced features, particularly when compared to the latest entertainment. However, it is important to remember that when these products were first released, this type of technology was limited and there was not a plethora of features to offer. Here are a few of the features you will find on these products.'

    The best DVD/VCR combos can convert standard-definition images to HD signals. Many of the best products provide features such as 1080p upconversion to achieve this goal. Upconversion takes your standard definition and outputs it a higher resolution such as 720p or 1080p. However, upconverting can't add details that are not originally on the disc or tape, so while you may have 1080p resolution, it won't be the same quality as true HD images.

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    Brand: PanasonicPlayable Media: VHS
    Model: AG-5210Audio: Hi-Fi Stereo
    MPN: AG5210, AG-5210

    Product MPN
    General Features
    VCR TypeVHS
    Number of Video Heads4
    AudioHi-Fi Stereo

  • Category : TV, Video & Home Audio > VCRs > PanasonicId number: 13592

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    Many of these machines provide a handful of options to help you easily control and understand your TV's display when using the DVD/VCR combo unit. For example, many of the best DVD VCR combo players let you choose to view the display in one of several languages. The most popular options include French, Spanish and English. Additionally, some of the best models feature parental controls so you can control exactly the type of content your children are viewing.

Magnavox ZV450MW8 DVD Recorder and VCR w/ Digital Tuner:

Note: this article has been edited to clarify the distinction between tape recording technology and VCRs, which is one version of the technology.