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HealthPro Organic Moso Bamboo Collection Heavy Duty Trivet Set (4)

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  • Repeat unsewing each tube at the seam that connects the bottom two fabrics of the previous strip as show in the photo. Lay out the strip sets carefully to ensure that the fabrics squares create diagonal lines.

    I love the idea of making gifts for the holidays, but I usually end up taking on more than I can handle: "I'll just weave a quick rug for my sister, pickle cauliflower for my stepdad, and knit socks for my aunt." The result? Everyone gets a nice journal from the bookstore. This year is different, because I'm making easy wooden bead trivet sets for everyone on my list.

  • Or, if you chose please feel free to convo me to let me know how many trivet sets you would like to order and I will create a special listing for you with the correct shipping amount.

Hues & Brews 3 Piece Cast Iron Trivet Set - Sapphire