5 Litre Tordon Double Strength Herbicide

Profile Tordon Double Strength Herbicide contains the active..

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Dow AgroSciences: Tordon Double Strength Herbicide;

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    lists herbicides used in Vietnam.
    discussed above, describes research under way at University ofSydney.
    leadsto the MSDS [click on Products, scroll down to Tordon Double StrengthHerbicide and click on Go, click on Material Safety Data Sheet,Download Now] Warning: this file is 287 Kb.
    is a Greenpeace document on Dow chemicals with much on dioxins.

    Tordon Double Strength assists by control of unwanted timber by stem injection or cut stump/brushcutter application and control of Blackberry, Gorse and Harrisia Cactus by foliage spray. Rate: 0.5-2.5L/100L water

  • Yep do this except dont waste your time with roundup use tordon double strength or brush off, both are woody weed killers. The tree will die slowly over a period of months, it will pretty much look like its sick.