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Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T550 9.7-Inch Tablet (32 GB, SMOKY-Titanium) (Certified Refurbished)

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  • Furthermore, the average size of smartphone screens has been increasing in recent years and whilst a smartphone is set up a little differently to a tablet as far as the user interface goes, there is a smaller difference in perceived functionality between a device with a 5.5-inch display and one with an 8.0-inch screen. Against this, Samsung’s use of a stylus has often come with a number of innovative software features. The Galaxy Note line have used the S Pen for almost five years now and last year’s less-expensive Galaxy A Tab included an optional stylus. It is not clear if the new Samsung tablets are high end Note devices or less expensive successor devices to the Galaxy A range. These two devices could even be a follow up to the successful high end Galaxy S Tab range, so these could even be models.

    The tablet market has received a degree of negative press in the last year or so because sales are seen as slowing down. Smaller tablets – such as the new Samsung tablets – are seen as being less desirable as their larger-screened cousins on account of how the market is moving towards combination or hybrid laptop / tablet designs with keyboards, which do not work as well with small screen models on account of the smaller keyboard size being far less comfortable for typists. The hybrid convertible device family – spearheaded by the Microsoft Surface but including many other manufacturers from Apple, ASUS, Google, HP and even Sony – aims to combine the best features of a tablet with a laptop. In tablet mode, the device is portable whereas in laptop mode, the device can be more productive. One of Android’s issues in the productivity landscape is that the platform is seen as being less flexible and usable for the tablet market but this is changing with the introduction of , which will include features such as a a split screen interface.

  • Given the fact that one of the best and most important features sported by the two new Samsung tablets consists in its high resolution, crystal clear display, we will start with that might interest all the ones who love to watch movies and videos on their tablets and who love to stay connected to all mass – media forms:

    The new Samsung tablets will arrive in 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch sizes and will cost around $399 and $499, respectively. While Samsung is considered the sharpest thorn in Apple’s side, it is well – known the fact that the company doesn’t joke when it comes to delivering competing products.

  • The new Samsung tablet Galaxy Tab 3 is comes to market with android 4.2 Jelly bean OS and 1.5GHz Dual-Core Processor will provide you super performance. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has 16 GB Flash Memory and 1.5 GB RAM Memory for maximize the performance of tablet. Very touch smooth 8-inch screen with great 1280x800 resolution. Enjoy all kind of Apps and streaming media through internet with built-in WiFi. Dual camera with Autofocus 5 MP and 1.3 MP front camera. And lots of features ........

New Samsung tablets: 2015 will bring at least four ..

The trio includes a 12.2, 10.1, and 8.4-inch model and we've got hands-on photos of all of them. Click through the slideshow to acquaint yourself with the new Samsung tablets.