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This Swann Communications Security Camera provides high-resolution 900 TV lines Swann TruColor video and powerful infrared night v

Swann SWDVK-4ALP14-US Compact Security System 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder & 4 x Cameras

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  • The Swann security cameras that are a part of the package are top of the line pieces of engineering. If crystal clear imaging day and night is important to you, then you won’t mind paying a premium price for just four cameras that carry cutting edge technology. The security cameras also allow a wide 75 degree field of view.

    There are a variety of devices manufactured by this company, and you can find Swann security cameras suitable for any property, in any price range. The Swann-SWNVK-872004-US-Platinum-HD is one of their most popular and premium level security cameras systems. State-of-the-art technology, design and engineering has gone into the Swann SWNVK, resulting in a system that offers top-quality surveillance and protection.

  • Swann security cameras are generally easy to get up and running, and the Swann-SWNVK-872004-US-Platinum-HD system is no different. Careful planning will make the process go smoothly. Decide where you want to set the security cameras up and the path that the power cables will have to take to get to them. Figure out if and where you will need to drill access holes.

    The Security Cameras Guide has included Swann security cameras in our reviews. We recently put the Swann-SWNVK-872004-US-Platinum-HD to the test to see how it measured up against the many other surveillance products on the market today.

  • Once you have the security cameras and power cables in place, they can be connected to the main monitoring system. Always read the installation guide before putting any Swann security cameras in place. Make yourself familiar with your security cameras, and the technology that keeps them running. You will be the .

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There are many challenges to installing your typical security system inside a home our outdoors. The problems are where to put the cameras and protect them from weather as well as how to store the video. Swann Security has unveiled a new camera called the that makes security recording very easy.