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  • My question is: what is the difference between Allergan Style 15 and Style 40? Is one a different shape? Also, will there be a significant size difference with this switch? I would like to reduce by about a size. Thank you for your time.

    It's not unheard of for Martin to move features downscale, as the Style 17 became a glossy finish 00, and the Style 15 was introduced to fill the gap as a matte single 0.

  • The simplest answer is to go with what your surgeon recommends based on the base diameter of your breasts and the size you want. Having said that, the style 15 is very similar to the style 40 in terms of the projection to diameter ratio. The style 15 is a newer design, and we prefer it over the style 40 because it tends to ripple less. Both styles are round and should work well for you.

    One style isn't better than the other. The style of implant you choose depends on how you are built and what your augmentation goals are. I use the style 15 for most of my primary augmentation patients. For patients looking for a more dramatic change or for patients who have had the style 15 and want to go bigger I will use the style 20.

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