Starfish Wooden Stocking Holder by DesignsByNancyT on Etsy, $14.00

Create a personalized stocking holder in a few hours using a pair of pre-painted blocks.

C.R. Gibson Christmas Stocking Holder Plaque

Too low to display
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  • Stocking holder trees, stands and racks are freestanding. They won't damage the wall or woodwork like a nail, pushpin or hook will. They are a wonderful alternative whether you have a fireplace mantel or not.

    This Santa stocking holder holds up to 4 stockings and stands almost 6 feet tall! His plush mustache and bells that jingle will be a real treat for the kiddos.

  • You did a great job of deciphering the Christmas poem! So much so that I am convinced to have a stocking holder tree for Christmas! I also like the idea of a wall plaque with pegs for the stockings as it can be used for keeping the Spirit of Christmas alive year-round by re-stuffing the stocking throughout the year.

    This black metal stocking holder is perfect for displaying your stockings without a mantel or fireplace. Hang them as part of the décor and then Christmas morning, re-hang them filled by Santa! The heart shaped finial means it can be used beyond the holiday season for hanging mittens, gloves and scarves.

  • Christmas stocking holders can range anywhere from very simple pieces made only to hold a Christmas stocking, to pieces that can complement the stocking through having a similar element of color, to being a major part of your Christmas décor.

stocking holder...could make this out of a fire place screen...

You could use this stocking holder for someone that loves their pet, meaning it is used to hold their stocking while thinking of their pet. But primarily this is for your pet's stocking to be held with, and it is a very nice looking one. Now just how would this look with a stocking full of pet goodies? You'll never know unless you try it. This would go good with a paws stocking if you've seen them before.