Sprayway Auto Care Instant Shine ..

Sprayway Auto Care Instant Shine;

Sprayway SW936 11oz No. 936 Aerosol Instant Shine Vinyl Cleaner/Protectant

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  • Why is it that your vehicle looks so good when you get it back from the body shop? It’s not just the joy of seeing your vehicle again – it’s Sprayway Auto Care Instant Shine!

    Professional detailers are experts at saving time because their business depends on it. That’s why they love Sprayway Auto Care Instant Shine. It’s a quick shine spray packaged in a convenient aerosol. You can literally spray and walk away!

  • You can use Sprayway Auto Care Instant Shine any time your vehicle needs a wake-up call. Bring life to dull trim and tires and add pizzazz to flat vinyl upholstery. Instant Shine will not make surfaces sticky or greasy. Your vehicle will look professionally detailed after using Instant Shine. After all, this is what the pros use to add the finishing touch to their customers’ vehicles!

    Sprayway Auto Care Instant Shine is the professionals’ choice for shiny, like-new trim, moldings, and tires. Spray your way to a beautifully detailed vehicle in seconds!

    For more than 50 years Sprayway proucts have been providing industry with the highest quality aerosol products like Sprayway Glass Cleaner, Sprayway Auto Care Instant Shine and more. Sprayaway's leading edge technologies ensure that our customers will receive the most consistent high quality products and packaging available. Sprayaway's team emphasis on continuous improvement along with our cutting-edge technology ensures that their customers will receive the most consistent high quality product and packaging available. Sprayway expertise with aerosol products is indicative of their total commitment to this convenient, ready-to-use package.

    All products are manufactured using Sprayway’s proprietary formulations and retains of each batch are examined, approved and catalogued by a certified chemist. All raw materials used in the chemical formulations of Sprayway’s products have passed multiple quality control tests prior to use in the manufacturing of these products. That’s how you know you are getting a superior product in every can.

    All products are manufactured in the United States and meet Sprayway’s rigid quality control standards. Every ingredient used in Sprayway products is accepted by either the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, the United States Occupational Safety & Health Administration or the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Sprayway does not use any ingredients banned in the United States in any of its products. Because Sprayway abides by the rules of all these government agencies, their products meet VOC regulations and they release no CFCs.

    Not only are Sprayway’s products convenient and environmentally conscious, they really work. Their line of aerosol formulas has been solving common automotive problems for decades. Sprayway makes solutions in a can!

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