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Try these codes for your Sanyo TV also: 054, 069, 023, 025. If those do not work then also try: 004, 013, 049, 108, 110, 180, 209

Brand New OEM Replacement Remote Control GXBA for SANYO LCD TV DS24425 DS27425 DS32225 and Similar

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  • SANYO HDTV sets keep pace with their counterparts of other brands. Picture quality and sound quality are the marks of a television set, and SANYO does well to make affordable TV sets by finding less-expensive parts from all over the globe. Some writers of SANYO TV reviews wonder if some of the quality issues encountered are caused by the fact the company does not make its own components and parts. Other buyers know that one of the best ways to produce affordable products is to find less expensive sources for the parts.

    Consumers have different opinions about the various models of SANYO television sets. The size of the set plays a significant role in the picture quality and sound depth. Many SANYO TV reviews state that large televisions provide a good picture for the price of the set. Small models provide excellent picture quality for the price. Large models have excellent sound quality because the speakers are larger. Small models tend to produce poorer sound than other brands of the same size.

  • So we’re proud to say that we’re keeping the stores chock-full of VUDU goodness, including some awesome Toshiba Blu-ray players, and a beautiful new TV from SANYO. Toshiba Blu-ray disc players are on sale in various retail outlets across the US and across the Web, as are SANYO TV models. The SANYO TV is available at Walmart as well. Maybe we’re biased, but Walmart is a great place to pick up your new SANYO TV with VUDU inside. 🙂

    Sanyo TV reviews state that the consumer appreciated the affordable prices that are offered for the features on each television set. Remote controls are said to be simple to use and not overly cluttered with extraneous features. As a television company, SANYO occupies one of the lower tiers where anyone can afford one of the models.

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    Most flat panel TVs are high definition now, but not all HD is the same. High definition TVs can run at 720p or 1080p; the latter is full high definition. This Sanyo LCD TV has a full high definition display combined with two 10-watt speakers. HDTV speakers will produce just average sound (which is why we recommend connecting a sound bar or sound system) but most LCD TVs run 8-watt speakers or lower. With this Sanyo TV, you will be buying one of the best combinations of picture and audio in an LCD TV.

Sanyo TV Repair Service and Troubleshooting

SANYO, a leader in providing high quality TVs in America for over 35 years, introduces its 2014 Full HD lineup of LED TVs with 1080p resolution.1 The all-new models with Full HD deliver an unprecedented environment for watching high-definition movies, TV shows, playing video games, and for photo viewing. With stunning clarity, outstanding energy efficiency and easy connectivity, the key features include SANYO's LED Full HD technology for clear images. Some models feature 120 Hz Motion Sync for the user to enjoy high-speed action with almost no motion blur. These all-new affordable models are available at Walmart and some at Sam's Club nationwide.
"This new series of LED TVs can make a dramatic impact in the home with their slim design and easy set-up, excellent clarity of images and high-quality sound," said Yoshikuni Tamura, Product Planning Team Manager, SANYO TV division. "All models are designed with a beautiful high-gloss frame and a brilliant LED screen, making them ideal to enhance your viewing experience and take it to the next level."
Introducing a range of screen sizes from 24" to 65", the new Sanyo TVs offer 1080p full HD images1 with LED backlighting, presenting energy-efficient, high-definition images. The new SANYO models offer a thinner footprint than CCFL as the LEDs are arranged around the perimeter of the TV and then spread the light across the entire screen in a uniform fashion.
In addition, the new TVs incorporate three HDMI inputs for DVD, Media Streaming Player, Cable, Satellite, or video Games for high-quality video. The TV has an MHL input and is ROKU READY® 2 making it a Smart TV. The audio can easily be controlled by the consumer with the built-in audio output terminals: Analog Audio output, Digital Audio output (Optical) and HDMI (ARC). The integrated USB input is used to show JPEG images in USB memory. PC input (VGA) is to connect the TV to a PC so it can be used as a PC screen monitor.
"Over 40 million Americans have trusted SANYO as their home entertainment choice," said Tamura. "It is our attention to detail, our advanced technology, and our value-driven products that have made loyal U.S. customers for 35 years." According to the NPD Group Retail Tracking Service, three models of SANYO TVs were the best selling models in 2013 and the 55" model was in the top five sellers in 2013.3
The most impressive of the new series is the SANYO 65" LED FHD TV, DP65E34. This model boasts a 17% larger screen area than 60" models with 120 Hz Motion Sync to enjoy high-speed crystal-clear action without almost no motion blur, 1080p Full HD crisp images, and re-engineered better sound at the best value.