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Power Cooker Pro - Digital Electric Pressure Cooker and Canner (6 Quart) As Seen on TV

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  • Pressure Pro eliminates most work in one touch, one pot, super-speed cooking. The secret is the 10-in-one smart steam technology. At the touch of a button, the digital brain calculates the quality of the food if it’s pressure-frozen and what temperature is needed to cook. As it heats up, all the liquid and flavor gets locked inside the food. Super-heated pressurized steam forces the seasoning and brings the flavor deep into the fiber of the food. Heat conducts steam better than air therefore Pressure Pro accelerates cooking 10 times faster while it maintain the perfect temperature from center to the edge cooking your food quickly and evenly every time. Plus, it locks the moisture in, making every meal moist, tender and delicious.

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    Designed to prepare meals in a short period of time
    Simple to operate using the all-in-one control knob with 2 programmable pressure settings
    Cromargan 18/10 stainless steel construction is easy to clean and scratch resistant
    Inside scale for accurate measuring; flame protection on the pot handle and side handle
    TransTherm universal base for all types of heat sources, including induction
    Made in Germany; easy cleaning with removable handle

    Set includes a 3-qt. Pressure Cooker and 6.5-qt. Pressure Cooker with one interchangeable lid. The WMF Perfect Pro 3-quart Pressure Cooker quickly and easily cooks up side dishes, such as rice, potatoes and more. Vegetables can also be prepared in a short period of time while retaining the vitamins. This pressure cooker is designed for smaller households where small amounts of food are cooked. The WMF Perfect Pro 6.5-quart Pressure Cooker is suitable for all kinds of casseroles, soups and dishes, such as roulades and more. This large pressure cooker can also be used as a quick and energy-saving way of preparing large quantities of rice or potatoes. Ideal kitchen gadget for a big family. Thanks to well-developed technology, you can operate the WMF Perfect Pro Pressure Cooker with just a few movements of your hand. From the all-in-one control knob, adjust all settings including open/shut, preselection of cooking level and steam release. The distinctive black handles immediately catch the eye. To clean, simply unlock the handle and run it under the tap. The Cromargan 18/10 stainless steel pots feature an inside scale with a TransTherm universal base. Remove the lid handle and gasket sealing ring and rinse under running water by hand. The pot and lid (with top handle removed) are dishwasher safe. Made in Germany.

    3-quart Pressure Cooker: 8.5-inch diameter, 3.25-inches deep
    6.5-quart Pressure Cooker: 8.5-inch diameter, 7-inches deep

    Item: 07.9626.9300

  • “Pressure Pro is great, I can cook decent meals quickly and easily. I’m by no means the worlds’ best cook, but Pressure Pro makes cooking very easy”

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Solis 822 Multi Chef Pro Cooker
De Solis MultiChef Pro cooker is een echte multifunctionele pan. De pan is te gebruiken als slowcooker, rijstkoker, stoompan, risottopan en braadpan. Ook kan hij gerechten warmhouden.