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Printing Ink and Overprint Varnish Formulations (Paint & Coatings)

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  • TAG : YT-LH Low Halogen Eco-friendly Soya sheetfed offset printing ink
  • To the Berlin-based art collective , city streets are literally their artistic inspiration. Translating to “pirate printer,” the group uses city infrastructure as printing elements to create truly unique tote bags, t-shirts and backpacks. Decorative and utilitarian manhole covers, grates, and other metal pieces affixed to the street are slathered up with printing ink on the spot before being imprinted with fresh clothing, making true street pieces that honor the cities they are made in.

    Seven of my patterns are currently available. My printed booklets range from 4 to 16 pages, and they are sure to save you some printing ink, so be sure to ask for the patterns at your local quilt store!

  • Three Dimensions (3D) technology seems to be at the heart of fourth industrial revolution. And it has left many people scared. If we can print a pizza, what will the guys making pizza do? My guess is they will be making the Pizza “printing ink”. There is more; what of internet of everything, where everything is connected to everything? What of virtual reality? What of big data and torturing it to yield patterns and trends? And the end of professionals? Shall we need doctors, teachers and lawyers in future?

    As in traditional screenprinting, a printing area is blocked off, then ink is rolled on. The chosen fabric piece is then carefully laid onto the inked surface, and rolled to set the ink.

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  • Georgia Class - Special Effects and Discharge Printing Class - August 18
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    The global printing ink market, growing at about 2-3 % annually, is split evenly between North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific and is predicted to reach over USD 17 billion in 2010. In volume terms, the worldwide printing inks market is projected to register a CAGR of about 2.8 % for the period 2000-2010. While the North American and European sales have flattened out, the Asia-Pacific region continues to grow at a fast pace of about 10 % and should soon become the largest region in terms of ink consumption, driven by economic growth in China, India and other key countries. USA, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy and China account for 80 % of the global market and among them USA alone has a 33 % market share. Asia is the fastest growing market (5-7 %) excluding India whereas the Indian market is growing by 10-15 % annually as of China.

Printing Inks market size in terms of volume and value 2021

During a recent conference at the University of Nairobi, Bidco CEO Vimal Shah brought up possibility of printing a pizza in future. Imagine going to buy a pizza where you start on the computer screen; decide on the ingredients, size, toppings and then print it. Though some took it as a joke, that is where the future lies.