Panasonic TravelVision portable TV radio , 1968

Portable TV is made by students in Mr. Toft's grade 4/5 class in Ottawa, Canada.

SuperSonic Portable Widescreen LCD Display with Digital TV Tuner, USB/SD Inputs and AC/DC Compatible for RVs, 9-Inch

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  • This portable tv has been the best electronic I have ever had for my very, very personal use besides my pc. Channels look awesome and with that little antenna that comes with it I get alot of channels unbelieveable... I highly recommend this TV to anyone who is looking for that special me time when comes to watching tv in private. I love it!!!!!

    While it is possible that someone will come out with a battery-powered DTV converter--which could work with a portable TV that has inputs--we wouldn't hold our breath. The page already explicitly says, "it is not anticipated that battery powered digital-to-analog converter boxes will be produced," and we haven't heard anything from any manufacturer about making one. That means pretty much all existing portable TVs will be rendered useless, unless you're using an external device to feed it video.

  • Portable TVs can be great for camping or in case of emergency, but you're probably going to be getting ripped off if you buy one in 2008. That's because almost all portable TVs use standard analog TV signals, and those signals are going to get turned off on February 17, 2009. And even though these TVs are just about obsolete, you can still buy them at places like , , and . Some of the pages have warnings about the impending DTV transition, but some of them don't.

    Portable TVs may be great, but it's a bad idea to buy one in 2008 since they'll be rendered obsolete when analog TV signals are shut off on February 17, 2009.

    Portable Digital TV 3.5

  •      DS5000: Portable Digital TV 3.5
    Portable Digital TV 3.5
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    Philips PVD900/37 has a built-in battery with up to three hours battery lifetime, AC/DC adaptor, AY554 slim remote and F-type connector for TV connection. This portable digital TV will cost you $113.53.

Digital Stream 7" Portable TV - Sam's Club

Here's another that I wouldn't quite recommend over the first three (above). First of all, the CTA is (currently) about 15% more expensive than the other 7-inch portable TV's that made the Top 5. And second of all, it's battery lasts on the lower end of the spectrum.