Add a pearlescent appearance over any Plasti Dip color

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Add Fade Buster protection while maintaining the satin luster of Plasti Dip
DYC Wheel Kit - Matte - Black
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Plasti Dip Blaze Orange and Blaze Blue are also available in 14.5 oz containers.

Performix 11203 Plasti Dip Black Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating Aerosol - 11 oz.

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  • TAG : Generates great sense of control with the can of Plasti Dip.
  • In a ruling last December in a narrower-scope trademark-infringement suit brought by Plasti Dip, Tunheim declined to bar sales of the Rust-Oleum products. "The court finds there is little likelihood of confusion between the two products," the judge said.

    Plasti Dip wants a federal judge to find Rust-Oleum in violation of a nondisclosure agreement, guilty of stealing trade secrets, violating its trademark and using Plasti Dip's proprietary ­process in FlexiDip and Peel Coat.

  • Haasl said Plasti Dip shared with Rust-Oleum how to take the coating from a concentrate to a state that can be used in an aerosol can. But Haasl didn't give up the "secret source," the actual chemical ingredients.

    Plasti Dip employs 55 people at its Blaine plant and through a Milwaukee distributor. However, several temporary workers in Blaine were let go this year as sales growth slowed.

    Manufacturer Part Number: 11203
    Brand: Plasti Dip

  • Talk about good timing... I just spent three days painting my van with Plasti Dip, so I'm pretty familiar with the stuff. For those that don't know, Plasti Dip is a spray-on rubber-based paint that, after a number of coats, leaves you with a neat looking matte finish. The stuff is pretty clever in that the surface you're painting only requires minimal prep, and if you don't like how it looks you can literally peel it all off like a pudding skin. I've even seen people use Plasti Dip on their Audis and Porsches, which is way scarier to me than painting my $2,000 van, but there's minimal risk because it basically leaves no trace after you peel it off. Regardless, I don't think you'd catch me spraying my R8 with the stuff. What about a bike frame? Well, so long as you prep your frame properly - that means stripping it, masking off the important bits, and cleaning it thoroughly - you shouldn't have a problem. And like I said above, you can just peel it all off if you don't like the finished product. I do think that you'd be wasting your time, though, given that Plasti Dip isn't exactly the most scratch resistant stuff. Once you get an edge of the rubber coating exposed it can be peeled back quite easily, and it wouldn't take long until your frame is looking like it's been given a massage with a wire brush. - Mike Levy

    However in late 2013, Rust-Oleum quietly applied for trademarks on FlexiDip and Peel Coat, its own dips. Rust-Oleum started selling the products last year, to the surprise of Plasti Dip executives.


Plasti Dip Pearlizer Enhancer will add a one-of-a-kind luster to any dried, cured Plasti Dip coating. It gives a pearlescent sheen and gleamy luster to any Plasti Dip color.