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LG G3 Beat D722J 8GB Unlocked GSM Quad-Core Android Smartphone w/ 8MP Camera - Metallic Black - not 4G LTE (International Version)

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  • However, they need to focus on improving battery life. The V10 had a rather small-ish battery for its relative size (3000mAh). The one thing I would really like to see in the V20 is a larger cell (perhaps 3300mAh) along with improved kernel efficiency plus some optimization (remember how on LG phones, the battery would stay at 100% for a long while and then dip wildly?). The consolation prize was that it was removable.

    Okay, why not take the best feature of each phone and put them all in one phone. So Dual lenses wide and regular. ✔ Volume control and power button / finger printer reader on the back( I don't know about you but I don't know how many times I raised or lowered the volume by accident because they put them back on the left side on the G5. Yes put them back in the back!! Removable battery definitely( that's one thing that makes a LG phone better then and Iphone and Galaxy. IR blaster definitely!! I don't really use it but I did a couple of times and I like that I could if I wanted to do and if it doesn't interfere with keeping the build quality higher if its something the Galaxy and the Iphone don't have people will want to buy it.
    Improve the camera even more. It got better but I still find my pics at night still much darker then a Iphone or Galaxy. So what ever LG has to do to make night pictures brighter do it. Would love if they could put in dual speakers in the V20. Also think the speaker phone could be better..mine the sound would be a little broken up or crackly. Multitasking and speed is a must and supposedly Nougat will bring that so just get the fastest processor out there( even if its a apple chip and make it noticeably faster the iphone and galaxy. If they want to really make it special if they could incorporate into the build a stylus( not too big as to make the phone to big(if they have to remove the headphone jack to do it that's fine most people use Bluetooth ear and headphones anyway..and oh I liked the slight curve the g4 had in the back.. It just made it a little more comfortable to hold the phone

  • As for software, there's always room for improvement when it comes to design, and LG's taken a lighter tough to software "skinning" this year. Arguably it's still well behind Samsung in this area though. If nothing else, the G5 is lightning fast, and the most onerous of LG's software additions are easy to disable. What's most important for the V20 though, considering its likely footprint of 5.7 inches or above, is that it ships with — in fact, LG has come out and said that the . The phone will then benefit from Nougat's native multiwindow support, as opposed to the half-baked implementation used in earlier LG phones (which as it happens was bizarrely absent from the G5.)

    After the flop of the G5, LG could do just about anything with the anticipated follow-up to the V10. Let's look into our crystal ball and imagine how a larger, beefier LG smartphone might materialize.

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With Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), LG and Google® have partnered to enhance the mobile experience on your LG phone. With easy multitasking, rich notifications, customizable home screens, and resizable widgets, this upgrade offers extreme organization, intuitive customization, advanced photography and several features that are uniquely to LG devices.