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J Stars Victory VS
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J-Stars Victory Vs+ - PlayStation 4

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  • A feature unique to J Stars Victory VS is its battle system. Each team has a three-part "WIN/Victory Gauge," with one segment filling up for each defeated opponent (defeated players respawn after a while). Along with this, there's a Victory Voltage gauge that fills as your team damages your opponents and depletes as your team takes damage. When the bar fills, the team can perform Victory Burst, and each member of the team gets a chance to perform a finishing move. There are also chargeable power attacks and area-of-effect attacks. Also, each character will have specific strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Luffy is strong against electrical attacks but grows weak in water.

    J Stars Victory VS is an arena brawler akin to and and is a to . The game was created by and Spike Chunsoft to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Weekly and originally was code named Project Versus J. The game features 2-on-2 player combat where the player teams up with a friend or the computer to fight against an opposing team. Each team also has a third slot left for summoning a support character. There are other game types as well, like 1-on-1 with both players having supports, or 1-on-3.

  • J Stars Victory VS is an arena brawler akin to Anarchy Reigns and Gundam Extreme VS and is a Spiritual Successor to Jump Super Stars. The game was created by Namco ...

    Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens ... J Stars Victory VS Plus Character Roster and Logo Artwork. By Josh Romero | Published February 10, ... Battle of Z Characters List.

  • This interview after reading it, gives me a glimmer of hope for digimon cyber sleuth’s localization, but only a little bit. It would be nice if j stars victory vs + gets dlc, or a few additional characters by default.

J-Stars Victory VS – Saiyan Island

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