iPhone Melted by Solar Death Ray

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Iphone 6 6s Case, Hot Stylish 2 In 1 Holographic Iridescent Style 3D Melting Oil Drippy Transparent TPU Cover Case for Iphone 6 6s, Holo Pale Grunge Rainbow Color Skin Shell

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  • iPhone (not 6) put in a furnace and hit with a 300Kw waste oil burner to see how quick this iPhone would melt and burns. Other IPhone tests and IPhone destruction coming soon. Check out the other vids on my channel for more High power burners and melting furnaces.

    I have seen a number of iPhone vids on YT and they all seemed a bit soft and frankly pointless in destroying a new phone to see if it would survive what clearly nothing could. I got an original Iphone of my son who had stopped using it many years ago and was no good even for parts and put it in a real furnace powered by a 300Kw waste oil burner as featured on my other Vids.

    The iPhone burnt quite quickly and thoroughly and I did not notice any of the burning characteristics of the lithium battery burning I have seen in other vids. Perhaps because it had not been charged in years

    I probably only ran the burner about half power if that to avoid the iPhone being totally obscured from view by the flames.
    I'm hoping to get some more old iPhones off people to do some more Vids of them being dropped in molten aluminum or in other much hotter furnaces but it seems most people just throw their old iPhones out when they replace them.

    Jacqueline Ivanov was driving on the interstate near Orlando when she saw . She tried to pick the smartphone up, but promptly dropped the fiercely hot device. The iPhone had melted the car mat by the time she was able to stop the car.

Compatiable with iPhone SE/5s/5; Technical Specs