Infant Car Seat Cover in Baby Polka Dots

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  • Since they are removable, an infant car seat cover is supposedly easier to clean than the original car seat padding. Keep in mind that the padding/cover in most car seats is removable and washable in a washing machine too.

    A more practical reason to have an infant car seat cover might be that they might help to keep your baby warm in the winter, so that you don't have to worry about keeping your baby in a . (It's been recommended that babies never wear coats in car seats.) Depending on the fabric, a thick, soft infant car seat cover can be like laying on a warm blanket.

  • Infant car seat covers are also sometimes marketed as a way to allow you to reuse an old baby car seat. And while a new car seat cover can make an old car seat look like new again, it is important to remember that you usually shouldn't use a car seat that is more than five to ten years old.

    An infant car seat cover with an elastic edge that goes over the top of your baby's car seat, with an opening for her face, is another good way to keep her warm. They usually include a zipper down the middle to make it easy to get your baby in and out of her car seat.

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    A winter cover is a great way to ensure that baby stays toasty when you venture outside the car. The shower-cap style infant car seat covers offer the best combination of convenience and warmth, plus they don't interfere with the harness system on your . You don't have to fuss with extra blankets or coats, and when you're inside, you can just unzip the top of the , or pop it off entirely, to allow access to baby.

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