What are your best ideas for organizing toys?

How to Organize Kids’ Toys If your kids’ toys are always underfoot, it’s time to take control.

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  • Do you ever feel as though toys are taking over your house? Having a home full of boys means my house can be in complete chaos in the toy department. Honestly, it’s one of the hardest things to deal with. I’m always looking for ideas for organizing toys. I could scoop up all of the toys, throw them away, and not care one bit. However, my boys love their toys. I figure it’s important that we come to some solution so that they can keep their toys and I can keep my sanity.

    I asked the group how they keep their toys organized. I really see some great answers in there and I look forward to applying some of these principles to our home. Check out these great ideas for organizing toys.

  • I have found some great ideas online for organizing outdoor toys – from using an old sandbox (this is what we do) to using a sports caddy, like this one:

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