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Gaia Herbs Maca Root Capsules, 60 count

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  • The Gaia Herbs Maca Root helps you to increase your libido and assist in improving reproductive health. Enhancing that reproductive health will improve closeness in a relationship which can give a much better bond between partners while increasing self confidence greatly.

    The maca root could be ideal for increasing the libido and ease a few of the signs and symptoms of menopause. It may also improve energy, stamina, memory, and delay pills work ideal for depression too. It’s natural and safe and may enhance your marriage and sexual life and balances every facet of your attitude. Sports athletes are beginning to acknowledge this excellent Gaia Herbs Maca Root because of its great power source. It can benefit to revive adrenals that leave adrenaline that may improve endurance for sports athletes.

  • SAN FRANCISCO — The powerhouse executive who made Clif Bar a household name is back again, and this time she's betting big on the newest rising star on the beverage scene: REBBL, a Berkeley, California-based startup that makes juices with herbs like maca, ginseng, and tumeric.

    The maca root is grown high within the mountain tops of Peru. It is a natural hormonal balancer great for both males and ladies, which is high in dietary value. The Spanish conquistadors know it as the “sex plant of incas”; also it was stated they would eat maca before you go to fight for endurance and strength. Women in south USA used Maca for several years. They tried on the extender to keep stamina, counteract stress, and stop fatigue. Today, it is obtainable in Gaia Herbs Maca Root.

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