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Bullhead 3 Blade Arrow Broadhead (Pack of 3), 125-Grain/4-Inch

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  • I had turkey success with the gobbler guillotine that I purchased in February. This is my first year hunting archery. When sighting in the guillotine I released that the placement of my pins was fine just instead of a 20yd, 30 yd, and 40yd pin I left them where they were for broadheads and was dead on at 15yd, 20yd and 25 yd, The turkey is only a 15 lb. Jake but I am pretty proud that the first shot on opening day, the first time very archery hunting. And I was lucky enough to be successful with a 25yd shot. The gobbler guillotine worked perfect at that long of a range using my normal 40yd pin. I did hit the the neck with the arrow, I just laid the arrow across the bird for the picture.

    Welcome to the board! I'm in Hampstead so you're just up the road. I thought about using a blunt or judo point on the head. I've looked in the regs and I never saw anything that would make me think the gobbler guillotin's would be illegal. Not saying I couldn't have missed something. I took the bird and moved it back farther in the woods away from my front door so it wouldn't stink up the place when it rots. I haven't checked to see if any critters got it since we got back from vacation. I'll check and see if it's still there. It's supposed to get cold over the next couple days. It would be a good time to do it if it's starting to decompose.

  • I was fortunate enough to arrow 2 Merriams and a Hybrid. I used the Gobbler Guillotines on 2 of the birds and a rocket Hammerhead on the other. These were big birds for Merriams.

    Hey took this tom at 8 yards standing broadside in full strut on the 4th day of the Iowa season. These gobbler guillotine's are awesome. Took his head off cleaner than any butchers meat cleaver. Wasn't able to get any video footage of the kill as was hunting by myself this day, but plan on getting some soon.

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  • The item Gobbler Guillotine Broadhead 100 Grain is no longer available.

    Rusty was fortunate enough to tag out on 2 longbeards in 1 day and I was lucky enough to totally take a Rio's head completely off with a Gobbler Guillotine.

Magnus Bullhead vs Gobbler Guillotine

He does recommend the 100 or 125 grain "Gobbler Guillotine," a fixed blade broadhead that is designed strictly for birds. They measure to 2½ and 4 inches, respectively.