Fuji X1000S #photo pic_additional_02

Rockwell's watch, 20 April 2013. Fuji X100S, ISO 200, f/5.6 at 1/850. .

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  • The may be unbeaten for serious travel, nature and landscape photography, but for photos of my kids running around and just about anything in any light, the Fuji X100 is even better. The X100 offers faster autofocus, great auto white balance, higher clean ISOs, full program auto exposure, and built-in fill-flash that the M9 can't touch at eight times the price.

    The Fuji X100 is a perfect carry-everywhere camera, an ideal backup or candid camera for professional wedding shooters (skin tones are marvelous), great for rich people traveling without help, people who already have bigger cameras and men who just like toys.

  • The Fujifilm X100 is not intended for inexperienced photographers. It has no green setting or GPS BS, and its menu system will confuse even the best photographers at first.

    Like a Porsche, no one a Fuji X100. The Fuji X100 is a luxury for people who want another nice camera for their collection, or to use once on their next luxury vacation. The X100 is exactly like the or in being a nice trinket for people who own other cameras.

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    At first I thought that the Fujifilm FinePix X100 couldn't possibly live up to Fuji's hype, but after just a few days' shooting I realized that's it's the most incredibly good, practical, fun and extraordinary camera I've ever used, so I bought one. This review will tend to read as if I get paid by Fuji, but I bought this camera for myself .

The fuji x100s has a rangefinder?

The technical features were not the only ones that impressed us; the first leaked images revealed us that the Fuji X100S preserves the retro look of the previous model. The camera has a compact shape and the rubber-like cover offers a good grip. The model is made out of magnesium alloy and is available only in one style.