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  • Sergeant Andy Dark, of the Redcar Neighbourhood Police Team, said: “Just to clarify for all those interested, the device found on the beach was something that would have come from an RAF plane and is or was a smoke and flash flare.

    Picture this… Your vehicle breaks down on a dark stormy night on a lonely state highway, without a street light in sight. You are going to be hard to spot. Not anymore when you have Flash Flares! The High Intensity lights of the Flash Flares you can make you visible day or night! The weather resistant Flash Flares have a minimum life of 32 hours. The compact design make it easy to store in your vehicle.

  • You should now know enough to make sense of the demos in the package. Feel free to play with, modify, copy, paste, and build upon the demos to gain a better understanding of how Flash and Flare work.

    The above examples show the basics of Flash and the Flare library, but there are many more features that have yet to be covered. Going forward, we recommend (a) inspecting both the Flash and Flare documentation to get a sense of all the available classes, and (b) digging through the Flare demos to see how the same principles shown here can be used to construct a number of other visualizations. Or, better yet, dig through the Flare source code to learn what's going on under the hood.

  • A much safer and more efficient alternative to conventional flares, the battery-powered electronic Flash Flare is a sophisticated roadside flare that features bright red LEDs with 360 degrees of visibility day or night.

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Designed with motorist safety in mind, the Flash Flare is a battery-powered electronic roadside flare with bright red LED’s. A resourceful and safer alternative to conventional flares, this flare provides exceptional warning visibility both day and night. Free-standing and compact, the Flash Flare features a removable base that folds up in the included carrying case for storage. This weather-resistant flare has bright orange thermoplastic rings with UV stabilizers and features a range of lighting-sequences to further attract attention. Feel at ease when on the road with the brightest protection available!