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Will a new evenflo car seat fit an old evenflo stroller? such questions now occupy my mind. (Protei******)

Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat, Saturn

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  • Matthew died of a fractured skull and a brain laceration. I can't help to wonder, if Matthew would have survivedf the accident if he had been in a different car seat. After doing research on the net, I have learned that this happens quite often with the evenflo discovery car seat. I make a point to inform everyone that I see with an evenflo discovery car seat, Matthew died using a car seat just like that one.

    I received an Evenflo carseat and stroller for a baby present. Model #5751318 p1. On three different occasions the babies arm was caught and pinched when putting the carrying handle into the carry position. Obviously resulting in a screaming and crying baby with skin pinched in the car seat.

  • On the other hand there are the similarities features are found on both Evenflo Car Seat that is, e3 Side Impact Protection, Infinite Slide Harness, Up-front multi-position recline, Removable head pillow, Integrated cup holder, Easy-off, machine-washable car seat pad requires no harness rethreading, and Both seat Designed, Engineered, Tested, Molded and Assembled in the USA.

    Evenflo Symphony DLX and Triumph LX are some of the popular seats from Evenflo. Evenflo Symphony DLX have the best innovation in model Installation SureLATCH connectors, with the SureLATCH connectors, both rear-facing and forward-facing, was quick and easy installing in vehicles. While Triumph LX is offers lower prices and excellent feature TensionRight side knobs for one hand harness tightening. Evenflo Symphony DLX can be used as a belt-positioning booster, while Triumph LX can not be used as a belt-positioning booster. These Evenflo car seats have the advantage of each and with different features in the level of safety for children. And of course the choice will depend on your own self.

    Evenflo Symphony Car Seat - This Evenflo Symphony featuring sure LATCH provides a smooth ride for your little one.  This is a very comfortable and safe way to carry your baby around!  This car seat is side impact tested and meets the standars, has a 5-point harness, an infinite slide harness adjustment, has an energy absorbing foam liner and sure LATCH technology.  Also, since it is sure LATCH, it accomodates children from 5-100 lbs, making this the only car seat you’ll ever need!
    MSRP: $199.99
    Evenflo Symphony Car Seat Review

  • I purchased an Evenflo carseat, model Tribute V #3791336CP1 near the end of 2003. I purchased this car seat because it was the most compact car seat available. It also happened to be the least expensive option. The car seat will function properly when it is not installed. It will not tighten properly when it is installed as a result the user is forced to leave the straps much looser than regulation. I originally thought it was a problem with the way my seats were molded in my 2003 Mini Cooper. I then tried it in a 2000 VW Golf. I have since tried it in a 1994 Mazda Protege, 1998 Audi A6, a 2004 Nissan X-Trail and a number of rental vehicles.

Evenflo Infant Car Seat Plaid Evenflo tribute dlx

SensorSafe is a smart chest clip attached to an Evenflo infant car seat that alerts the driver when an infant is still strapped into the seat. (KABC)