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Dynamite RC has released four new sets of pre-mounted 1/8 buggy tires to help you get on the track faster.

Dynamite Dynamite Startup Tool Set for Traxxas Vehicles

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  • So here we are to review the Dynamite RC TurboKick. Just what the heck is a TurboKick? Well, it is kinda like a turbo button. You attach it to the third channel output of your transmitter and between the battery and the ESC. When you hit the third channel on your transmitter, the TurboKicks increases the voltage going into your ESC. In theory the TurboKick is like having an on demand 3S pack when you actually are only using a 2S.

    Dynamite RC has released a Sport charger capable of charging two LiPo packs at one time. This AC unit is perfect for first timers and actually looks pretty cool. Some of it’s features include:

  • Dynamite RC has just released there new 200W AC/DC Passport UltraForce Charger. The UltraForce is capable of charging 1-6S LiPo, 1-18 NiMh and 2-24v of Pb cells at .1 to 10.0 amps! Other features include:

    Every wonder how fast your car goes? Tired of those cheap softball radar guns going bad on you? Dynamite RC has an answer to your problems, their new GPS Speed Meter. The Dynamite GPS Speed Meter is a compact unit that can measure the speed of your car, or show its location and altitude. The unit’s built in WASS/EGNOS/MSAS/RTCM allows it [...]

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    Dynamite RC has added a pair of sensored brushless motor/ESC combos to their Platinum Series. The DPS 13.5T and DPS 17.5T are similar units that feature sensored technology that improves both top speed and torque in conjunction with smooth, cog-free acceleration. Both systems include a Timing Mode and ‘Blinky’ Mode, both of which comply with ROAR rules to race in …

Dynamite RC: Basic Charger/1500mAh Battery Combo: Dynamite (DYN4006)

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