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  • Not everyone with type 2 diabetes needs to use insulin. Ifyou do, it’s because your pancreas isn’t making enough insulin on its own. It’scrucial that you take insulin as directed. There are other prescriptionmedications that may help as well.

    When you are you will probably wonder if -- or when -- you will need insulin. You may fear injections. You may believe that needing insulin represents a personal failure, so you resist taking the drug, even when you need it. Whether or not a person with type 2 diabetes needs insulin is based on individual circumstances. The first step? Knowing the facts.

  • Everyone with diabetes needs to choose foods wisely and be physically active. Most people will also need one or more diabetes medicines. The kind of medicine you take depends on your type of diabetes, your schedule, and your other health conditions. Your medicines may change over the course of time depending on your needs.

    Current clinical approaches to obesity continue to focus on secondary and tertiary intervention. Physicians often introduce secondary interventions when patients surpass some dichotomous BMI threshold or when patients self-identify, for cosmetic or health reasons. They introduce tertiary intervention when obesity-related complications responsive to weight loss, such as diabetes, hypertension, or sleep apnea, develop. Because weight problems develop over the entire life span, however, emphasizing obesity prevention is urgent and must include cooperation of public health institutions, the school systems, and the private (e.g., food industry) sector. The likelihood of sustained benefits of weight reduction on β-cell function and glycemia in patients with early-onset versus more prolonged durations of type 2 diabetes needs to be determined.

  • AADE: has condensed all the things someone with diabetes needs to do into seven categories. The categories are behavior-based. This means that not it is not sufficient that you understand information, you have to be able to translate the information into positive self-care behaviors that can help control your diabetes.

A side effect is an unwanted problem caused by a medicine

18 An employee with diabetes who needs continuing or intermittent leave, or a part-time or modified schedule, as a reasonable accommodation also may be entitled to leave under the Family and Medical LeaveAct (FMLA). For a discussion of how employers should treat situations in which an employee may be covered both by the FMLA and the ADA, see Questions 21 and 23 in the EEOC Enforcement Guidance on Reasonable Accommodation and Undue Hardship Under theAmericans with Disabilities Act (rev. Oct. 17, 2002) at .