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  • The president's directive also outlined plans for how contact information should be managed for private sector victims to report incidents to the proper authorities. The directive stated: "The Departments of Homeland Security and Justice shall maintain and update as necessary a fact sheet outlining how private individuals and organizations can contact relevant Federal agencies about a cyber incident."

    At 2:03 p.m. on Aug. 3, I received the following message from Sarah Althouse at Rep. John Fleming's office: "Our office would like to help Roxan Gonzales.Do you have her contact information so that our casework staffers may reach out to her?"

  • Your Contact Information really should only contain information that you want public. Family and “real” friends have other ways to get you home address, cell phone, Instant Message screen name and land line phone. One option is to use your news organization’s address and phone number. Note that you can also edit your email address to be your work email.

    The Personal Information above is bland and harmless for public consumption. If your life is more exciting or you enter more risque or controversial personal information you can control who sees that information.

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  • Field Description
    Contact Contact information for webmaster
    Organization Name of the organization with which the contact is affiliated
    Position Position of the contact within their organization
    Address Type Type of address specified, such as postal
    Address Actual street address
    City City of the address
    State State or province of the address
    Zip code Postal code for the address
    Country Country of the address
    Telephone Contact phone number
    Fax Contact Fax number
    Email Contact email address

    The Survivor’s Network of those Abused by Priests from a federal judge in St. Louis to hand over emails, text messages and contact information of people who accused Rev. Xiu Hui “Joseph” Jiang of sexually abusing a boy in a Catholic school bathroom on charges that were later dropped.

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