12 Great Ways to Use Castile Soap

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  • Step 6) At this point, your olive oil and lye are adjusted to your desired temperature and your additives are prepared and ready to be added to the castile soap recipe batch when they are needed. We are finally ready to make soap!

    Step 7) Now that your castile soap recipe batch is complete, pour the soap into a mold. This is a 5 pound batch, and as you can see in the picture below, we are using a .

  • Step 8) Allow your soap to set in the mold for approximately 24 - 36 hours, or until the log is hard enough to remove from the mold without damage. Keep in mind that because this is a true castile soap recipe and our formula was made up of 100% olive oil, it may take longer to solidify than most batches.

    Step 5) While we were preparing our grapefruit-bergamot essential oil blend, our oils have most likely warmed to the desired temperature. Remember, for this batch, we want the olive oil to have a temperature of around 110 degrees Fahrenheit before we use it to make our pure castile soap. Keep in mind that our olive oil doesn't have to be exactly 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is simply an approximate preferred temperature for making this castile soap batch. Somewhere in between 100 degrees and 110 degrees Fahrenheit will be just fine for making this batch successfully.

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    For most cold process soap batches, I recommend that you allow your soap to cure for about 4 - 6 weeks. This castile soap recipe, however, will require a bit more time to adequately harden. Many castile soap makers allow their finished bars to cure for about 4 - 6 months before using or selling them! I know... it's a long time, but I can tell you that it is definitely worth the wait! Now keep in mind that your freshly made castile soap is perfectly safe to use after just a few days, but this extended cure time will allow your bar to become a harder, gentler and longer lasting product.

So, should we use Castile soap at all? Anita

Today I am going to be demonstrating how to make my castile soap recipe. Within this recipe tutorial, I will be going over some very specific tips and tricks for successfully making a true castile soap. This soap will be scented with a lovely essential oil blend of our and our . This grapefruit and bergamot essential oil combination is one of my favorite two oil blends!