How adorable is this little box fan?

I still have the Kmart fan, but this year, I've been handed down an Air King model 9723 box fan:

Holmes HBF2010A-WM Box Fan, Metal, 20-Inch, White

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  • TAG : Eskimo (McGraw-Edison) mini box fan (12"):
  • Bought this after our 5 year old knocked over the bedroom box fan and broke the blade (this was a Galaxy and worked great for at least a full year with great airflow but we were not sure if they would still be as good). As it happens our misgivings were realized. After reading all the great reviews, hubby went out at 1130 pm and bought one. Got it home - ooh nice and white. Put the feet on it, plugged it in and whup whup whup.. sounded like a helicopter. The screen was pressed against the fan blades and made a terrible racket. We turned it off, looked to see if it had a retaining clip or something holding the screen in too tight. Nope, nothing just terribly warped. Off hubby went back to Walmart (now 1 am).. fast forward half an hour, 2nd Galaxy 20" box fan now installed and blowing great. This fan does blow - in all the right ways - as long as you don't get a defective unit. I would buy it again but not before I checked the actual unit I was taking home and not online.

    I've been using the same old cheap box fan for years now and it just wasn't getting the job done. Even on the highest setting the fan was still very weak. So I picked up the Galaxy fan at Walmart today and set it up as soon as I got home. Being a low priced box fan and after having a disappointing experience with my last fan, I didn't have high expectations for this one. So it totally surprised me as soon as I turned it on. This thing is powerful! Even on the lowest setting it puts forth a wonderful breeze. It's great! It is a bit louder than my old fan, but not to the point where it's unbearable or obnoxiously loud. It's something I can deal with. If you're looking for a reasonably priced box fan to beat the summer heat, definitely consider the Galaxy. My only regret is that I didn't buy this last year at the end of the summer season when it was probably on clearance.

  • Mustang's metal Box Fan Holder is a handy and safe way to quickly and easily mount any size box fan to a stall wall or rail. The lightweight, sturdy holder is made of black coated metal with rubber stoppers at the ends.

    This Galaxy box fan features three speeds and top-mounted controls. The easy-to-use carrying handle enables convenient transport of the Galaxy box fan.

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    Justin Brown wrote: Neather of you wouldn't happen to have a galaxy or a lasko would you? I would like to see some pics. if you do. When I was growing up, my grand parents and step mom had a bunch of old galaxy's and the one I posted is the only one left. The motor in it isn't original. The motor came out of a Lasko box fan I found in a rent house of ours. It still runs, but the barrings are wore out on it. But other than that, every thing else wrong with it is an easy fix.The only Galaxy box fan I have is a 20" Galaxy with translucent blue blades. Only reason I bought it is because of the color. Not the best box fan there is. The motor is made of plastic and it doesn't move much air at all. I don't collect newer fans. I prefer old ones so these box fans don't really interest me.

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  • William Schaub

    I liked the fasco box fan you posted Looks very similar to mine and probably made about the same time frame.

    I apologise for posting the pics again but if theres a thread about box fan's I figure I might as well post it again.

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    One of our biggest needs is oscillating fans or tower fans. We always need box fans, but we are connecting with more and more homebound individuals who also greatly struggle with mobility issues. We connected one client with a hospital bed that he desperately needed, but one of the items he said was most helpful was the tower fan with a remote. He was able to turn the fan on and off as well as change the level of air coming out without having to wait for his care attendant to do it, since he was unable to get up.

General Electric 20" box fan, 3 speed.

I used one of the Lakewood box fans for a couple of summers. The fan mechanism worked great with little maintenance beyond yearly cleaning and oiling. However, the plastic knobs and feet were not durable at all. I was always picking up a piece of plastic here and there that was subsequently either discarded or glued back on.

I found the plastic fan blades collected an awful lot of dust and dirt, probably because of static electricity. This is a toss up. On one hand this is a great feature because it's possible to collect and clean a lot of dust in one spot. On the other hand, the fan collects the dust and holds on to it rather than blowing it away.

I prefer an all-metal fan when it's available. Metal just seems more durable overall, but plastic has its place. I got rid my Lakewood at the end of last summer and replaced it with a similarly priced metal high-velocity fan that's much smaller and moves more air.