How many birds die from flying near wind turbines?

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It is quite clear the birds died from “blunt trauma.” “The birds obviously hit something very hard and had hemorrhages,” .

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  • He said it was not clear what had caused the birds to die off, despite random theories including fireworks or hail, as well as the wrath of God and government conspiracies. Boehringer downplayed any connection between the red-winged blackbird deaths in Louisiana to the ones in Arkansas, several hundred miles away.

    For the blackbird species alone, there have been 16 incidents in which 1,000 or more birds have died in single events over the past five years, he said.

  • DENVER (CBS4) – One Denver neighborhood is seeing flocks of birds die from the West Nile virus and people are worried about their pets.

    Enough birds died to raise concerns about a possible outbreak of a disease, said Michelle Cowardin, a wildlife conservation biologist for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

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    Sunbird !! Many birds die in summer without water. Please save them. Keep water pots for thirsty birds at balcony, window, tarrace.

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    Krupa's students prevailed upon him to also test the exploding rice theory on real birds, an entreaty he finally acquiesced to because he felt their previous experiments had sufficiently demonstrated that no birds would come to harm through the process. He agreed to try some rice-feeding tests with flocks of doves and pigeons he kept at home, feeding 60 of his birds a diet of nothing other than instant rice and water for one day and monitoring them for any ill effects. He found that none of the birds showed any obvious signs of pain, discomfort, or distress; none of them exhibited ruptures or other injuries (including explosion), and none of them took ill or died.

Gum Kills Birds? Eating gum thrown on the ground causes birds to die?

Glass collisions: It's a huge problem for birds. Up to a billion birds die in with glass each year in the United States. Although most people have seen or heard a bird hit a window, they often believe it is an unusual event. Add up all those deaths and the number is staggering.