The Oricom Babysense 2 Package has a 30 Day money back guarantee!

Babysense2 continually monitors the breathing movement rate of your baby.

Baby Sense

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  • TAG : I bought baby sense 2 prior to the birth of our dauber
  • BabySense 2 is really a medical authorized unit which implies depending on your health insurance policy – you may be able to claim part or all the cost in your insurance.

    Sleep Peacefully and Protect your baby using the latest model Babysense 2 Infant Respiratory and Sound Monitor Package Bundle with an Oricom Secure 710 Sound and Video Monitor Package deal

  • Should these breathing movements fall below a certain rate or not be detected, Babysense2 will alert you audibly and visually. Enjoy the restful reassurance that comes with knowing should your baby need you, you’ll be alerted immediately.

    Because you can’t watch over your baby around the clock, sleep with greater peace of mind while Babysense2 monitors the breathing movement rate of your sleeping baby.

    Baby sense 2 Baby sense 2
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  • ce produit nous convient vraiment beaucoup et sa sensibilitée est vraiment juste comme il faut car ayant aussi testé un autre produit du meme type mais plus sensible nous n'etions pas aussi sereint qu'avec le babysense 2!

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Babysense 2 includes two sensor panels which fit under the mattress and constantly senses and responds to baby’s breathing and movement. Breathing motions trigger a green flashing light. If the baby stops breathing for more than 20 seconds or if the breathing rate drops below 10 breaths a minute, a loud alarm is sounded. These could be signs of something easily fixed like the baby rolling face down or against the side of the cot. Occasionally it is something more serious like Central Apnea, which is considered one of the causes of Infant Crib Death (S.I.D.S.). We have seen that Babysense can also alert when these signs indicate a cold, high fever, or other illness.