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LP-2020A+ Lepai Tripath Class-T Hi-Fi Audio Mini Amplifier

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  • The Audio Space mini-2SE ranks as one of the best push-pull tube amplifiers you will find under $2,000, offering clean spacious sound with solid bass depth and control as well as exceptional build quality. A great alternative to solid state with well above-average build quality, offering nice looks, and at a reasonable price.

    No, the Audio space Mini-2SE is not a single-ended amplifier – it’s not going to give you that level of articulation or cohesiveness that better single-ended amplifiers possess. Now, Audio Space does make single-ended amplifiers and better push-pull amplifiers but of course they also cost considerably more money.

  • Few amplifiers bother with a headphone amp section and when they do it seems to be a cheap op-amp add on just to advertise that it has one. The Audio Space is a serious tube amp. I own a dedicated Antique Sound Lab MG Head DT as well as a Total Bithead headphone amp and the Audio Space mini-2SE is a significant upgrade to both units. With my HD 600, the Audio Space generated significantly better bass response in terms of depth and drive, and sounded more open and spacious than my other headphone amplifiers. The amplifier was free of noise in either stereo or headphone mode. The amplifier has a hint of softness around the leading edges of notes, which I found preferable to the ultralinear mode where it may perhaps be viewed by some as superior or more accurate but comes across as a little more “glassy.” What is nice about the switches is that they give you the ability to make the subtle adjustments to your preferences and perhaps to tailor the sound to your chosen headphones.

    The Que Audio Mini Shotgun Pro is a great sounding miniature shotgun for DSLR cameras. It features a +10db and +20db boost, and there are many accessories abatable to get this mic into just about any situation.

    The Audio Mini Board is a quick and easy solution to adding sound to your control system. This board incorporates an amplifier together with a speaker for outputing a wide range of sounds.

    The board accepts a standard stereo jack input together with a header connection if a direct connection to your sound source as required. The unit includes the LM386 amplifier from National Semiconductor together with the necessary support components.

    Our new Audio Mini Board is an inexpensive way of adding sound to your system and can also be connected directly to another sound source.

    • Includes Speaker and LM386 Amplifier
    • Stereo Jack Input Plug
    • Header Connection for Direct Connection to Microcontroller or other Sound Source
    • Works from +5V Supply
    • Ideal for adding Sound Warnings to a Control System
    • Board Dimensions: 45 x 55 mm

  • Publisher’s note: this review of the Audio Space Mini-2SE took place in Hong Kong; the integrated amplifier is not yet available in the North American market.

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Like my portable setups, and iFi micro iDSD, the Matrix Audio mini-i Pro has a hint of warmness despite being neutral and balanced. Bass response is great, it doesn’t make your headphones sound boomy. I think the bass is well extended, but at the same time well-controlled and doesn’t bleed into the higher frequencies. It’s not overpowering as well, but it can bring out the bass in some headphones like the SR225e.