Artificial Boxwood Topiary Balls – Fake Boxwood Topiary

21in. Artificial Boxwood Topiary Balls - Indoor

Larksilk 6' Boxwood Topiary Artificial Spiral Tree Plant - Outdoor Topiary Trees Artificial Plants for Home Decor Indoor and Outdoors

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  • Each of the faux topiary balls found here is designed for interior use. Artificial Topiary Balls - Indoor styles include the ivy topiary ball, artificial boxwood balls and the Podocarpus topiary ball. Live counterparts of these faux topiary balls are difficult to grow in nature and even more demanding to maintain, but artificial topiary balls come ready to liven up residential or commercial interiors.

    Faux topiary balls are based on the classic topiary ball of traditional gardens, yet have a contemporary appeal. Our Artificial Topiary Balls - Indoor products mimic the sophistication of a live topiary ball without any rigorous planting, watering and pruning regimen.

  • Transforming a topiary ball within different design aesthetics is easy. For faux topiary balls with a classic vibe, an urn planter strikes old-English notes. Or, turn artificial topiary balls into modern accents by placing them in square or rectangular geometric planters. Planters are available for separate purchase.

    The topiary ball finds relevance in contemporary interior design with the Artificial Topiary Balls - Indoor category of products from Artificial Plants Unlimited. Based on living plant sculptures, faux topiary balls embody the same refined wildness as the real thing but a topiary ball from this collection does not require meticulous growing, shaping, watering and pruning.

    Artificial Topiary Balls - 20cm Burgundy and Green Artificial Buxus Boxwood Topiary Balls - Full Lea
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  • Striking in residential or commercial applications, faux topiary balls exude a sense of sophistication rooted in this artistic gardening practice. While a perfectly formed live topiary ball has surely eluded many a skilled gardener, artificial topiary balls give everyone the chance to take advantage of this horticultural art form, and indoors no less!

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There are lot of benefits that one can have because of going for the topiary balls or any shape of topiary artificial plants. The most important fact to remember is they will almost never go out of shape and do not require frequent trimming like the real plants to ensure that the shape is maintained. And thanks to the developments in artificial plants it has become really difficult to differentiate the artificial topiary balls from the genuine ones. Another aspect to its advantage is that the there is no danger of the flowers or the leaves falling or decaying. For someone who leads a busy life juggling career, roles etc this is a blessing. There is no need to clean the garden or to water it. Any time in the day or year one can have a garden which looks beautiful and well manicured.