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  • The Aqua Sphere Seal Mask 2.0 is a modern swim mask that's able to remain low and streamline while worn. If you're an open water swimmer or recreational diver, you're going to love this mask!

    Testers in the AquaGear pool strapped on the new Aqua Sphere Seal Mask 2.0's and got to work in the water. Swimmers enjoyed all the updates that Aqua Sphere put into the improved version of a 15-year-old classic mask. The extra wide, wrap-around lenses were able to provide swimmers with maximum visibility. The panoramic view was unhindered by the mask's low-lying profile. Swimmers loved the new matte and shiny surfaces on the silicone skirt, which really did help create more comfortable, and less harsh watertight fit. While it may take a bit of time adjusting the mask on the first fit, the micro-metric buckles help ensure that you get a secure and comfortable fit.

  • The Seal Mask 2.0 takes all the great aspects of the brand's original Seal Mask and updates it with newer, more modern features. Essentially, the Seal Mask 2.0 is a lighter and more streamline version of the original . Its renewed design combines the best features of a mask and goggle to create a hybrid device. It seamlessly blends the comfort and visibility of a mask with the streamline profile of a swim goggle. The refurbished Aqua Sphere Seal Mask 2.0 is great for recreational swimmers, open water enthusiasts, or anyone else looking for a panoramic underwater view and streamline fit.

    The best-fitting swim goggle on the market, the Aqua Sphere Seal swim mask was first celebrated by Ironman triathletes, who praised its comfortable, watertight fit and easy-to-adjust buckles. However, these high-quality features soon became apparent to fitness and recreational swimmers as well, who use the goggles for swimming, jet skiing, surfing, and more. The Seal mask sports a dive-quality silicone skirt that's snug and secure, along with a patented curved lens that provides 180-degree peripheral vision without distortion. In addition, the Plexisol lens is protected by anti-scratch coating on the outside and an anti-fog coating on the inside, so you can easily see other swimmers in the water ahead. Finally, the mask is guaranteed to block 100 percent of the sun's harmful UV rays. Add the features together and you have a mask that lets you concentrate on your workout and not your equipment.

  • Aqua Sphere seal mask - I have been using these masks for open ocean and lap swimming since discovering them in 1999. The basic and fundamental wide field of view, regardless of channels and other seemingly cosmetic design additions makes this mask superior for triathlon swimming especially. It's also nice to have that view in crowded training pools too. If speed is a concern, then size of the mask might be a consideration cause it might slow you down a bit (mere seconds) due to drag but other than that it's a terrific product especially when navigating in open water. Personally I have worn out five of them over the years and this is number 6 and still quite happy!Dan B

Aqua Sphere - Comfort and Performance

Aqua Sphere Seal XP Mask features a silicone mask with extra large face skirt, curved plexisol lenses, and revolutionary buckle system. Curved lenses provide a distortion-free 180-degree range of vision.