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This sexy apron by  is so great. I love the heart shaped bib, polka dots and classic color scheme.

Professional Bib Apron (Set of 2, Black, 32 x 28 inches) - Durable, Comfortable, Easy Care - by Utopia Wear

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  • Cute aprons are not meant for you to wipe your hands on after you have been boning chicken or cleaning the silver-skin off of roast. They are meant to put on after you take off your chef’s coat and bistro apron. These aprons are the ones you wear for television appearances and promo shots. And to impress the husband’s boss with your cuteness.

    Kyrie likes the two of us to have matching aprons. Someday she will be a teenager and look at me disdainfully as I ask her if my outfit is o.k. but for now? Now she thinks I am cool and beautiful – which is why, for the moment, she is the one I ask when I want to know how I look.

  • Our restaurant aprons are made in many colors from classic black and white to bright shades like green or red. You can color-coordinate your staff to prevent confusion or use these colored wholesale aprons to enhance the theme of your business! With dishwasher aprons, bib aprons, and a huge range of others at your disposal, you'll be able to protect your staff's clothing no matter what job they're doing. Be sure to see our , , and for essential back-of-house apparel. If you're wondering where to buy restaurant aprons, we have a large selection available at the lowest prices.

    Food service aprons are essential for any commercial chef or cook because they protect their clothes from spills, splashes, and other stains. Choose from standard aprons, pocketed aprons, and long waist aprons to suit your servers' needs. Disposable bulk aprons are great items to have available at butcher shops, deli counters, or cafeterias where food prep can get messy. You can simply throw these wholesale restaurant aprons away along with the mess!

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    Our pocket bib aprons are perfect for guest check presenters, utensils, day of the week stickers, and more. You can choose from bulk aprons made out of different materials like poly-cotton blends for durability. These food service aprons vary in length to provide more or less coverage. If your staff is tackling messy jobs, make sure they use long waist aprons to protect their clothes.

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Aprons are a necessity within a lot of industries including restaurant, education, housekeeping, etc. Today, we will go over 9 of our most popular aprons and how they are used ...