sanguin est la 4 hydroxy isoleucine un acide aminé propre au fenugrec

pterocarpus marsupium 4 hydroxyisoleucine r alpha lipoic acid

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  • Fenugreek has a long history of folk use throughout Asia and the as an anti-diabetic, to soothe stomach ulcers, to eliminate catarrh in the upper respiratory tract, to promote lactation, and as a poultice for treating various skin conditions. Much science on fenugreek has focused on the cholesterol-lowering, blood lipid-lowering and anti-diabetic activities of the seed. These activities appear directly linked to the presence of soluble fibers, most notably galactomannans. The galactomannans have additionally been shown to possess fat-sequestering properties, thereby binding directly to dietary fat and reducing its absorption into the body. Furthermore, anti-diabetic properties of fenugreek seed are linked to the presence of a novel free amino acid, 4 hydroxyisoleucine.

    Most significantly, the effect of 4-hydroxyisoleucine is glucose dependent. The higher the level of blood glucose, the greater the insulin-promoting response elicited by 4 hydroxyisoleucine. Thus 4-hydroxyisoleucine exhibits a significant regulating effect, which corresponds with the insulin needs of the body at any given time. This makes this compound "adaptogenic," responding to the particular needs of the body at any given time.

  • Several studies show that the free amino acid 4-hydroxyisoleucine plays a valuable role in insulin-promotion and glucose regulation. 4-hydroxyisoleucine stimulates insulin secretion, thereby limiting the extent to which blood glucose (the glycemic index) is elevated. Elevated blood glucose after meals leads to increased production of body fat. 4 hydroxyisoleucine promotes insulin secretion and inhibits the rise of blood glucose, thus helping to reduce body fat production. 4 -hydroxyisoleucine exhibits a specific effect on the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. These cells are directly responsible for insulin production.

    + Améliore l'efficacité de la créatine
    Améliore la synthèse protéique
    Permet de réduire la dose de créatine
    Permet de réduire la dose de glucides
    Goût de fenugrec très bien masqué
    -Dosage en 4 Hydroxyisoleucine trop faible ?

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