German crafted #000 Phillips screwdriver from Wiha tools.

Wiha Precision Tools are world renowned for their long lasting and high quality miniature tools. Pictured 3rd. from left. Wiha #000 Miniature Phillips Screwdriver.

Maxcraft 60609 7-In-1 Precision Pocket Screwdriver Colors May Vary

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  • In theory, the Screasy kit includes everything you need to replace the screen. However, I recommend a few more things: a good pair of tweezers, a powerful flashlight or headlamp (I used this ), and maybe another #000 Phillips screwdriver for stubborn screws. Also, you’ll want something that can keep the tiny screws from getting lost. Fortunately, I had recently installed Allure flooring in our bathroom, so I had some scrap pieces laying around — the adhesive strip was a perfect storage medium. You could instead use double-sided tape or a segmented container, but you want something that can hold the screws in a set pattern.

    To remove the Home button bracket from the original display assembly, I first had to remove the two Phillips screws holding it in. The right-hand one came out with no problem, but the left-hand one wouldn’t budge. Thankfully, I had a slightly larger #000 Phillips screwdriver that managed to break it free.

  • A better option may be to swap out the failed battery with a working one from another laptop, so your user isn't delayed much in working. Despite being sealed in, the batteries are often user-removable. For example, although Apple requires that battery replacement be conducted by Apple-certified technicians, replacing a fixed battery in a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air requires only a #000 Phillips screwdriver and a few minutes at best. Theoretically, you could send the spare laptop that now has the failed battery installed to Apple for repair, hoping Apple doesn't notice the swap, say you've voided your warranty, and thus not replace the battery. If you're friendly with an Apple tech, you might quietly inquire about how Apple would treat such warranty "flexibility."

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